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Temat: Is there really a "best" culture?


There are many different types of cultures across the world which do many things differently, some things they do we may not agree with and some things we do they may not agree with but is one really better than the other? If so how is it decided? For example consider a tribe that puts rings around their necks to stretch them and make their necks longer. To us this is obviously not a good thing to be doing, especially as it is done on children as well but can we really tell them that it's wrong? Who are we to tell them their accepted way of life is wrong? Every culture thinks their way of doing it is right so naturally we think our way is the best and most correct way but isn't this just us being biased? If a different culture determines aspects of our culture are wrong and bad, does that make it true? Or likewise is it just them being biased?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Forum Lokalne - Twoje miejsce w internecie → KUJAWSKO-POMORSKIE → Is there really a "best" culture?