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1 (edytowany przez JesseVoss 2018-05-15 16:11:32)

Temat: Montenegro

Hello all,

After large parts of the opposition had spent five days blocking the work of parliament President Filip Vujanovic caved in and ordered the State Special Prosecution not to demand the leader of the main opposition party the Democratic Front Nebojsa Medojović detained in connection with corruption charges (helping a Bosnian businessman evade taxes + money laundering.Back in February two other Democratic Front leaders, Andrija Mandić and Milan Knezević, were also stripped of their parliamentary immunity accused of participation in an alleged coup attempt on the day of the 2016 election (where Serbian mercenaries under a former police general should have invaded the country to kill Đukanović and thereby stop Montenegro from joining NATO). Thousands of opposition supporters protested in Podgorica until the State Prosecutor decided (or was ordered to) not to seek Mandić and Knezević arrested.

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