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Temat: Politics in Japan

Hello all,

The Japanese supreme Court has today ruled that the elections for the Upper House of the Japanese Parliament was unconstitutional due to the differences in average votes. The example given in the report on NHK World was Tokyo (10 million electors voting in five seats = 2.15 million per seat) against the Hokkaido single member seat (electorate of just under half a million) giving a difference of 4.77. Although they have not ruled that the election should be declared "null and void", they have expressed concerned that this ratio is not being lowered.As a cross reference, here are the numbers for the United Kingdom regions:
East Midlands: 72,436, Eastern England,: 73,404, London: 72,286, North Eastern England: 67,182, North Western England: 70,069, Northern Ireland: 64,954, Scotland: 65,475, South Eastern England: 74,979, South Western England: 73,107, Wales: 56,628, West Midlands: 69,220, Yorkshire and the Humber: 70,870
Highest Average Electorate: South Eastern England: 74,979
Lowest Average Electorate: Wales 56,628
Ratio: 1.32

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