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Temat: Governmental systems and political parties.

Hello all,

I know this is likely been discussed and thrown out. And is likely not to see any real changes but It's always been a "slight" annoyance to me.
Technically speaking.. some nations are what we could consider "single party democracies" rather than pure dictatorships or Democracies. This abstraction works fine in some cases. For example any single party democracy which is ran by the communist party is simply labeled as Communism. But in other cases for example Nazi germany Elections were planned to continue after the war. Of course the only party that could run would be the nazi party.. but this is why i really do wish SR would include a bit more nuanced approace to BOTH the governmental system and elections by including various political parties in each country, and the option to outlaw other parties making yourself a "single party democracy" rather than a pure dictatorship in some circumstances.This would also add a bit more meat to the elections system (in multiparty democracies) since a simple 35% approval rating wouldn't neccesarily mean a win if one of the opposing parties got more.And could also be a source of political instability in single party democracies (making them prone to partisans even in peace time and MORE prone to partisans during wartime) Also a side note.. Dictatorships should in general get the above suggested effects of a single party democracy.. only even greater chances.. just saying.Again I know its likely not an area that BG wants to expand apon for SR.. but man I wish they would lol.

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Forum Lokalne - Twoje miejsce w internecie → Polityka i wybory → Governmental systems and political parties.